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30 August 2019
Top benefits of using a cloud-based HR software to increase your business
Using a cloud-based HR software facilitates the evolution of the HR department to the digital...
30 Iunie 2019
HR Analytics: how to use data to breathe life into your human resources department
Learn how to use HR Analytics in your business strategies! HR Analytics Sincron HR Software – top...
27 Martie 2019
7 benefits of using a human resources software in your company
The efficiency of a company’s human resources strategy depends on the HR software it uses. Find...
28 Februarie 2019
How do you choose a time tracking app and what are the benefits of installing an automated solution for this activity?
Advantages of automated time tracking solutions: high degree of control, mobile time tracking app,...
FREE eBOOK: Guide for Choosing an HR Software
11 Octombrie 2018
Guide for Choosing an HR Software
Guide for Choosing an HR Software - we help you discover everything you need to know about the 7...