In the context of digitizing Talent Acquisition, we need optimized IT solutions and systems tailored to our needs to attract the best candidates.
The collaboration of Groupe Renault Romania with the Sincron team began in 2007. Over time, they have provided support for the developments we needed so that the solution remains adapted to the requirements of a global, dynamic company with over 17,000 employees in Romania.

Camelia Văduva
HR Senior Manager, Staffing & Talent Management

The Dedeman team is in a continuous development process. We chose to implement the recruitment software solution from Sincron HR Software because we want to permanently improve the quality of our recruitment and selection processes, in line with the company's development strategy. We aimed to streamline the time and cost investment for all our projects. The partnership with the Sincron team has provided us with new strengths and trust in the healthy and correct progress of the company's human capital

Alexandru Dan Raschip
HR Manager

Investing in high-performance technology and staff training are two of the essential criteria we are following up in Depanero. Our exceptional results are a teamwork result. We have a great team that needs accurate performance assessments and clear goals aligned with business objectives. That's why we chose to use the performance management software from Sincron HR Software platform.

Ionela Chele
HR Director

The NOD team has implemented three modules of the Sincron HR Software solution: Organization Management, Performance Management and the Employee Portal - the internal communication tool.
In this way, we reduced the times in the performance evaluation process by over 40%, the reporting time of the centralized results decreased by over 50 hours / evaluation session, the self-service for HR administrative documents contributed to the saving of 20 hours / month (at organization level) and approx. 80% of our people use the Employee Portal, as the internal communication tool, being connected to the organization's projects.

Eugen Floarea
HR Director

The challenge of this project was to adapt the Sincron HR Software solution to manage specific features that vary according to the specific needs of each of our 20 locations found in different countries. The fact that we operate in so many countries makes us interact with several types of cultures - that of the society in general and that of the organization. In this context, we need an online HR software that has reporting capacities at local, regional and international levels. The Sincron HR Software has managed to provide us with the necessary support and we are pleased with this collaboration.

Marian Chiracheș
International Dual Career Network global coordinator

Family Builders Foster Care, Inc. is a mid-sized Resource Foster & Adoption Family Agency. In our efforts to grow as a company, we understand that staying up-to-date in our business strategies requires us to be intentional in implementing functions to make our business operations more fluid.
The greatest benefit in working with Sincron business analysts' is their ability to respond to our agency's specific needs. All communication efforts are professional and are time appropriate. I highly recommend Sincron HR Software without reservations.

Judy K. A. Dubeau, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Hiring in the social services sector is difficult, finding the right candidate takes time. The Sincron HR tools have allowed us to receive applications quickly, import the resume automatically, which saves me and the Office Manager a substantial amount of time.
With the Sincron interface, dashboard, project automation, enhanced integration with online job boards and accurate resume parsing functionality, the HR administrator can now complete the same functions in a third of the time. What took three hours per week now takes one. This equates to roughly 100 hours per year of time savings that can be put towards other activities.

Bruce Moerike

Sincron HR Software - The Complete Human Resources Platform

Using an HR software helps shifting the focus
back towards people

Sincron HR Software is the complete HR platform for the human resources management in the digital era we live in.

If the HR is about people, about attracting, motivating and developing them, then offer them more time and importance. For the remaining activities which may be automated, there is the Sincron HR Software solution.


Sincron HR Software related services

Pre-Sales Consulting in Selecting the Cloud HRM Software

No matter how well-known it might be, any HR software operates well only if selected according to the organization's actual needs. Before any investment, we provide free-of-charge consulting services to understand the project's expectations, priorities, and restrictions. We use this information to give you a realistic price quote based on your specific needs.

HR Software Implementation and Configuration Services

Our business analysts work with you, and they stand by your side to answer your questions and provide you with support throughout the implementation. We make sure that we have your input for all critical aspects. We take care of the rest.

Training Services for Human Resources Application Users

You have a new bicycle, the benefits are apparent, but do you know how to ride it?
Benefit as quickly as possible from the operational and business advantages offered by Sincron HR Software. We provide training for everybody using the software frequently and in-depth, such as the HR colleagues.

Technical Support and Technical Assistance Services

Do you have questions about the advanced use of the application or other technical problems?
Is there something that doesn't work and you need assistance to solve it? Do you need help with your reporting, or something is malfunctioning? You have an emergency, and you want a live talk with somebody?
We are by your side in all these situations!

HR Software Maintenance Services

A cloud HR software is a live entity - it changes, it grows, and it evolves.
Ensure your access to the application in the same dynamic manner. The HR software maintenance services provide you with access to new software versions; they allow for legislative updates and adaptation to your unique business needs.

Client Assistance Services and Key Account Management for HR Software Users

In the post-implementation phase, i.e. after Go-Live, in addition to the technical assistance or training needs for new colleagues, other types of requests may occur, such as operational, commercial or product requests.
We provide you with a consultant assisting you to fully benefit from the software use, with whom you can tackle any of these topics – for a positive and long-term relationship!

Consulting for HR Software Purchases via EU grants

You are aware that you are in great need of HR software, whether your employees are teleworking or not.
If there is no hope for an internal budget, you can access EU grants via the 2020 Investment Grants program. We refer you to specialized consultants who can help you gain the necessary financing for HR digitization.


Guide for Choosing an HR Software
7 Essential Steps towards the Appropriate Solution for Your Business

Begin a secure journey towards the HR software that suits your needs!

In this guide, we begin by presenting what types of HR software are available on the market and clarifying their characteristics. Then we help you discover everything you need to know about the 7 essential steps to the right solution for your company:

  • Initial assessment
  • Identifying the company’s needs
  • Evaluating the project parameters
  • Assessing bids based on the important criteria for your business
  • Selecting the project committee
  • Preparing the Request for Proposal (RFP) or Conditions of Contract
  • Product Demonstrations and final bid evaluation

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An HR Software for the Entire Organization

As an HR platform centrally managing the different verticals of this business area, the HR software solution contributes to the processes’ optimization. It ensures a unified management of HR information, a quick response time and an easy communication on HR topics between all the members of the organization.

At the organization level, using Sincron HR Software as an HCM solution offers one personal perspective to each player involved in these processes: the HR department, the managers and every employee.

HR software, platforma administrare personal


HR Manager

By using Sincron HR Software, the first visible effects include: HR processes streamlining, time and cost savings from automating flows and tasks, previously made manually or on paper and access to comprehensive HR data.

In the long term, the positive impact is felt at all levels, the employees and managers benefitting from the automation of HR flows they come in direct contact with.

Overall, the use of HR technology helps us to have coherent and constriction free flows that work regardless of who is at work. This allows us to spend more time on the human component of the HR job, i.e. connecting with people.

Aplicatie resurse umane – solutii HR


Aplicatie resurse umane – solutii HR



A management based on correlated figures from different business areas helps me to better understand the whole business part I am responsible for, among which - very important - people.

I appreciate that, in a rapidly moving world, I have some systems that automate a large part of the organizational flows. With HR clarity, support and speed of execution, I can focus on the specialized aspects of my own job.

Program gestionare resurse umane

HR Manager

Program gestionare resurse umane

HR Manager


When a company truly attaches importance to its HR in the “backstage”, one immediately can feel it in the market, among the candidates. Employer branding works well when relying on clear systems.

Candidates see who, how and where the company is promoted, how coherently, they pay attention to the promptness of communication. A potential “relationship” has seeds seeded from various previous occasions.

Hence, I think it's hard to manage all these aspects nowadays in due time, professionally, without relying on technology, even in HR.

HR software, platforma administrare personal


The HR solution is adapted according to the GDPR principles, bringing you the comfort regarding the collection and management of your candidates’ and employees’ personal data.

Beside the time and cost savings, the real time access to detailed business information helps speeding up strategic decision making.



Project co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development through the Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020 Competitive together

The content of this material does not necessarily represent the official position of the European Union or the Government of Romania.

HR Sincron SRL run the project called "Paperless HR", starting with 25.05.2017, for a period of 24 months. The project was financed through the Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority Axis 2 - Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for a competitive digital economy, Action 2.2.1 - Supporting the growth of added value generated by the ICT sector and innovation in the field through the development of clusters. The project aimed to increase the contribution of innovative IT solutions/applications in developing the economic competitiveness of the private sector by developing ICT products and services. In this context where the recommendation of the European Commission to Romanian companies is to take full advantage of the possibilities and advantages of digital technologies, HR Sincron SRL developed through the project "Paperless HR" an innovative software platform for human resources management.

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