The Alignment of Sincron HR Software to GDPR Requirements

22 August 2018

25 MAY 2018 was just the beginning. Are you ready to continue the GDPR story? Read the Case Study.

May 2018 was a full month for any company that operates in the European Union, and your human resources department has gone through a specific alignment process. But the GDPR story is just beginning.

Do you want to ensure that you use an HR software solution and complimentary services that maintain the quality standards and meet the new legal requirements?

Learn more about what we have already done at SINCRON HR SOFTWARE to align our HR platform with the Regulation provisions so that both Sincron HR Software solution and all related processes and activities comply with the requirements of the new legislation.


Read the case study and find details about:

Integrating the privacy policy into the HR platform
Managing your cookie policy
Tools for personal data management performed by HR
Monitoring the status for received agreements
Updating the candidates’ database in line with GDPR
How to ensure transparency of information
Increased security measures for the HR platform

Remember the details that make the difference in the context of the new EU regulation.

We invite you to download the case study for free and discover all the new features and updates implemented at the entire HR platform’s level as a new operating standard in the GDPR context.