Top 3 HR activities that should be automated

04 December 2021

Do you have to deal with the resistance to change in relation to the automation of HR processes? Many HR employees feel threatened that technology would take their place. But technology and software dedicated to HR processes is a catalyst with a positive effect on everyone’s job.

Indeed, automation replaces HR department employees, but only in performing repetitive activities, providing the time and energy needed to solve more complex problems and shape strategies.

HR tools take over the administrative part, automate tasks that do not add value manually and provide access to centralized data. As such, HR professionals can better coordinate their work, take the pulse of the organization, or gather information to make the right decisions. Thus, their own HR activity becomes more diverse, more valuable and with deeper impact on the company’s business.

How does automation impact the HR department?

By letting technology through HR software take over tasks related to HR management, your HR department, adapted to the digital age, will really have a strategic role in your company.

Perhaps you are already involved in the current trend of transition from hierarchical structures to matrix structures and teams formed around a project, and this has an impact on the organizational chart, people management and business process rethinking.

Automation of HR processes is becoming more and more a standard in many industries, and companies that oppose this natural change are slowly left behind. In the future, an HR department that brings value to a company will be the one that turns into a center of accelerated talent attraction and development. This is impossible in an environment suffocated by administrative tasks that are not automated.

Which HR processes should you automate in your company?

The correct answer to this question is “Ideally, all HR processes should be automated”. But we have selected the top 3 HR processes requiring the greatest time, attention, energy and human resources, generating rising costs and lower performance within the HR department.

Staff Management

This is the process that consumes a lot of time and energy among HR people, because it involves a large volume of documents, papers that need to be ordered, updated, all in the conditions of frequent legislative changes in Romania – which can easily burden your activity in lack of automated systems.

A module dedicated to staff management will allow you to manage the documentation and legal procedures for each employee and collaborator of the company. With the help of an electronic file, everything becomes much easier to manage, track and check for each employee. For example, such a module makes the following activities simpler:

  • Reporting changes to authorities
  • Wage calculation
  • Safe storage of personal information
  • Viewing history – vacations, medical leave
  • Tracking documents, certificates and training for each employee

A piece of staff management software is also very helpful in meeting the GDPR standards concerning personal data protection of employees.


An automated time and attendance management solution gives you a clear overview of your employees’ schedule and shifts, allowing you to plan your activities much easier. An HR software solution for your business is one whose features can be tailored to your organization.

Once such an application is implemented, stand alone or as part of a complete HR platform, you will be able to create and manage roles within the solution to ensure that internal processes are respected and enforced. In addition to providing timekeeping, such an instrument will make it easier to implement and manage workflows such as:

  • Customized timetable for each user
  • Work time generated automatically according to the shifts defined in the application or in labor contracts;
  • Import of hours worked and their type – normal hours, overtime, night;
  • Creating rules for transforming working hours into paid hours;
  • Create reports with elements from the time sheets you need.

Last but not least, a modern timekeeping application will allow employees to clock in/out online from wherever they are, thus encouraging mobility and flexible work schedules.


Payroll can easily turn into an operational nightmare, a block between compliance and the need to retrieve all the necessary information from multiple sources. Instead, when you have an HR program that manages Staff Management, Timekeeping and Payroll together, you save a lot of time and effort.

Bonus – a safe HR application, adapted to the GDPR requirements, will also remove your concerns about the security of your employees’ personal data that you manage and store.

Under an automated payroll system, you will be able to:

  • Set up items that are part of the payroll process: bonuses, food vouchers, wage raises;
  • Establish rules to ensure automatic calculation of wages and bonuses;
  • Automatically generate payrolls;
  • Generate reports with all the elements underlying wage calculations.

The benefits of automating these processes become noticeable when you use an HR software solution tailored to your company’s needs. Once this criterion has been checked, all you have to do is discard the traditional way to solve tasks and embrace the change. You will soon feel a positive difference when you have to deliver reports, propose improvement measures, or make HR decisions.