7 benefits of using a human resources software in your company

27 March 2019

The success of an organization’s human resources strategy depends both on its practices and on the tools used by the department in its daily activity. When you take your car to the service, you probably expect the technicians to already have the most modern tools required to help you.

We believe HR should be the same. From recruitment and personnel management to training, performance management and internal communication, the processes in the HR department need appropriate support to be carried out under the best conditions.

Organizations have started to have a better grasp of the fact that data digitization and workflow automation represent the needed support for the HR department to carry out its activity under the best of terms. Thus experts can focus on essential aspects of the business, bringing a more valuable contribution to the company’s development.

Human resources software is usually the best solution to automate repetitive processes in human resources departments. Processes such as planning and management of the organizational structure, recruitment and on-boarding, employee management, timekeeping, payroll, performance assessment and working with individual goals, training program management or internal communication are integrated into a single human resources platform.

The direct beneficiaries of the people management software are both the HR department and the employees, who can communicate easier (with the colleagues, but also with the managers or the members of the human resources department) and have easier access to useful information.

What are the benefits of using a human resources software?

We intend to list a few of the reasons in favor of choosing a human resources and employee management software in your organization.

1. Increasing productivity, both in the HR department and in the entire organization

Automating a large range of activities in the field of human resources, particularly the repetitive ones, starting with payroll, employee management or time-keeping, you free the time and energy of the employees in charge of these activities, who can focus on projects with a higher impact in the organization and which are potentially more stimulating and more creative for the related experts.

There will be benefits at the level of every employee: when the company uses a human resources platform for all actions pertaining to personnel administration and management, a simple question such as “How many days off do I have left this year?” will be answered quickly, by accessing the application and identifying the information in just a few clicks. The classical option would require a time-consuming e-mail exchange for the manager or an HR department member.

2. Cost reduction

Productivity increase generates the advantage of cost reduction.

A large part of the communication flows which can be automated by human resources software involves HR experts and managers from other departments. Automating communication in HR projects saves time for all those involved in every project (for instance recruitment) and gains in efficiency by updating everybody with necessary information or actions to be taken, in the shortest time possible.

One can consider this case scenario, for instance: the time that an employee used to spend to find out which colleague from the technical department was dealing with a problem that he/she is confronted with is now reduced to a few seconds.

The classical way involved more steps (sending e-mails or even traveling on site), and the time slot freed can be used for the employee’s current tasks.

When the repetitive tasks are automated, the HR department will better coordinate its activity, which gets to be more valuable and it has a deeper impact on the organization.

3. Data centralization finally possible

The quick access to various data and reports related to the activities carried out is one of the major benefits of using human resources software. Under these terms, decisions can be made quicker and they will be better justified based on the data provided by the HR software platform.

Access to data and analyses will be useful when we talk about solving problems, but also when seizing opportunities and following trends – which is more difficult when information is not centralized and handy.

4. Better communication between departments and among their members

Fluid internal communication will contribute to better collaboration in the company. Employees will have access to useful information about their colleagues, via the company’s organization chart, and will be able to start dialogue easily. It’s much easier to contact a colleague from the technical department, for instance, when you already have information about him and you also know what he looks like.

5. Traceability and risk reduction

Using a human resources software will facilitate being updated with the company activities, which can be easily identified when necessary. From recruitment to timekeeping and following the trajectory of various documents in the company, the software will always keep an accurate track record, diminishing the risk of errors or lack of compliance.

6. Improving the employees’ experience

The quick development of technology in the past years also brought a change as regards individual behavior. An employee habitually using websites to book holidays or alternative means of transport, accessed via a mobile app, will have the same expectations in terms of tools from the company in which he/she is working. It should be a modern and transparent company, where information is easily accessed, and communication is simplified.

A human resources app with a friendly interface will help a new employee to integrate easier – employees are surely among the beneficiaries of a company’s decision to keep up with technology.

7. Observing the laws in force

By choosing trustworthy HR software you make sure that you are observing the applicable laws. From GDPR rules to specific and mandatory labor protection trainings or frequent updates of labor law and tax obligations, observance of the laws in force in the areas that the human resources department is involved in shall be ensured by human resources software from a trusted provider.

Furthermore, the provider will constantly adapt the software to the current legislative amendments.

What is the most appropriate human resources software for your company?

Every organization is unique, and it is hard to define the “best universal human resources software”. When you decided that your company needs human resources software, your target should be to identify the best solution for the company.

To determine the appropriate software for your company’s needs, you need to define them as accurately as possible.

An in-depth analysis of the company’s needs, starting from the defined goals, is an important step in choosing the appropriate solution. Many companies choose to involve in the decision process both the HR department and the management team or the employees, which can define the problems that they are having in communicating with the HR experts.

The selected solution must simplify the processes and facilitate the employees’ task – those from the HR department mainly. State-of-the-art technology and a user-friendly interface, easy to use by any employee, will be additional arguments when you choose the appropriate platform for your company. One aspect of utmost importance is the decision to make the move to a cloud-based HR solution – you can learn more about what this step would entail here.

The platform should also facilitate HR data usage for management purposes, through analyses, statistics or reports, as the foundation for improving and simplifying the decision-making process.

An example of human resources management software especially designed for the digitization needs of the modern companies is the full human resources platform Sincron HR Software.

It is an all-in-one solution, integrating processes such as organization management, recruitment and on-boarding, performance assessment and employee management software, time and attendance, payroll or training management. Internal communication portal and self-service facilities for employees, along with the tool for HR analyses and reports are also integrated in the Sincron HR Software platform.

By using this tool, one can also automate the recruitment process, simplifying the management of the candidate pool. It makes it easy to: access their history, manage the approval workflow and the recruitment sources, or communicate via various online channels.

You can benefit from consulting for software implementation and training for employees, to gradually get the people acquainted with the HR app.

In a nutshell: you will benefit from a precious tool, a turn-key solution allowing you to automate the department’s specific processes, with positive results that will be quickly visible.