Improving the recruiting process in Romtelecom, the former Romanian national provider of telecommunication services

29 January 2019

Results in one year after the implementation of the Sincron recruiting software solution – Case Study

Recruitment remains a hot topic in 2019. The challenge of finding suitable candidates and attracting them is present in all industries, while the compliance requirements for EU GDPR will be increasingly stricter.

The current Sincron HR Software platform began in 2006 as a recruiting software solution, a field in which we have accumulated extensive experience. As such, we present a case study based on the recruitment software component of the current HR platform, which can give you a hint about the level of complexity we were already tackling at Sincron 10 years ago.


Read in detail about:

1. The problems Romtelecom was facing:
A complex recruitment process
The need to use a dynamic software solution, permanently adaptable to the steps of its recruiting process

2. The solution proposed by HR Sincron:
Challenges of the implementation process
Project goals

3. The results of the collaboration one year after implementing the recruitment software solution

So, if you also have among your HR goals:

The reduction of the time allocated to the administrative stage of the recruitment process,
The development of a dynamic database with all candidates, updated continuously, enriched with details of interaction with candidates and accessible remotely,
Facilitating the flow of information between all the recruitment process stakeholders,

Discover here how recruitment software can help you.
Give your specialists a resource that offers them more time for the recruitment process itself!