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Top 3 activități din departamentul HR pe care trebuie să le ai automatizate
04 Decembrie 2021
Top 3 HR activities that should be automated
Top 3 HR department activities that should be automated: staff management, timekeeping and payroll....
Functionalitati care te elibereaza de sarcini repetitive
03 Decembrie 2021
The HR software features that free you from repetitive tasks
Discover the benefits of automation and some of the HR software features that help you save time...
diferente software hr
03 Decembrie 2021
Differences between existing HR software on the market
Discover the differences between the existent HR sofware available on the market and find out which...
03 Decembrie 2021
How to Write a Request for Proposal for HR Software
If you are looking for a HR Software ready for your business, here are some tips in order to choose...
27 Septembrie 2021
HR Sincron sells 30% of its shares to Senior Software
Senior Software has acquired a 30% stake in HR Sincron company. The two software solution providers...
software HR in cloud - beneficii pentru departamentul de resurse umane
30 August 2019
Top benefits of using a cloud-based HR software to increase your business
Using a cloud-based HR software facilitates the evolution of the HR department to the digital...
30 Iunie 2019
HR Analytics: how to use data to breathe life into your human resources department
Learn how to use HR Analytics in your business strategies! HR Analytics Sincron HR Software – top...
27 Martie 2019
7 benefits of using a human resources software in your company
The efficiency of a company’s human resources strategy depends on the HR software it uses. Find...
28 Februarie 2019
How do you choose a time tracking app and what are the benefits of installing an automated solution for this activity?
Advantages of automated time tracking solutions: high degree of control, mobile time tracking app,...
FREE eBOOK: Guide for Choosing an HR Software
11 Octombrie 2018
Guide for Choosing an HR Software
Guide for Choosing an HR Software - we help you discover everything you need to know about the 7...