It's all about people.

Business Purpose & Vision

Why are we in this business?

We are here to help people maintain their sense of humanity at work.

What do we want to achieve in the long term? What do we aspire to?

We aim to become a global HR software provider, permanently aware of what the phrase "human" means in the formulation of "human resources".

We aim to make more room for courage, passion, creativity and empathy in the way people do their jobs.

We believe that all these are assets that cannot be automated or streamlined. But they can be better enhanced by doing less boring, tiring or tedious tasks as a result of using our products and services.


How do we put our vision into practice? What do we aim for in everyday life at the office?

To make the professional life of our clients more joyful and human, by offering them a friendly human resources software, along with complementary services.

To offer a simple, clear, current and relevant product. But, considering that the technology can be complicated and there are no two companies alike, we also offer value-added services, which can really make a difference in the customer's business experience.

With a flexible mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit, we believe that we can best take care of the needs of companies ranging from a few dozen employees to a few thousand.

We address those who value perseverance, human availability and relationship development, versus transactional interactions.


What things are important to us as a company in relation to our team members, customers, partners, suppliers, and the entire business community?

A desire to do things well, not mediocre

A Brief but Intense History

We started in Romania in 2007 with what is now the Sincron Recruitment solution - a software designed to improve the recruiters’ life and to reduce the specific piles of paperwork.

2010 marks a turning point in business approach - we try not only to sell a software product, but to provide integrated services and build long-term relationships with customers.
2012 brings another milestone: we have won the first international projects with European partners.
After extensive input and market feedback, we expanded the Sincron solution, evolving from recruitment software to a Talent Management solution.
This year means two new beginnings: 1) With a continually improved solution, we enter the North American market, starting with Vancouver, Canada. 2) We expand from Sincron Talent Management to Sincron HR Software, as a complete platform for managing various HR processes and areas across the organization.

Key Aspects of Sincron HR Software Solution

We have embarked on digitizing HR processes since 2007.

We have over 10 years experience in the HR market and over 100 implementations in various industries for several types of customers and HR areas. We have capitalized and integrated all this experience and know-how on HR processes in the current Sincron HR Software platform. We are permanently connected to market needs and to the evolution of technology, providing a mature, solid and flexible HR software solution.

We started out as a recruitment software, evolved into a talent management solution, and now we are covering human resource processes across the organization from two perspectives:
• As an HCM all-in-one platform that manages integrated HR streams (recruitment, onboarding, staffing, time and attendance, payroll, performance management, training management, employee self-service, internal communication via the employee portal)
• As a tool that brings HR closer to each employee and manager, responding to the HR needs of the entire organization, not just to the ones of the HR department

We consider ourselves a provider of HR solutions. That's why our business proposition combines in a single package the HR software along with some complementary and relevant HR services - audit of current HR processes, redesign and optimization of these processes, consulting for implementation, user training or customized developments. In this way, with the same software components, each client can benefit to its fullest, in his specific way, from all available functionalities.

The flexibility of the software and team allows for customization and configuration according to specific needs, plus integration with other systems already in use. Over time, adapting the HR application to various industries and types of companies has helped us being prepared for deployment in any new context.

Facts and Figures

We are focused on online, using up to date web technologies and incorporating in the solution the benefits of internet usage:

expanded sourcing and employer branding (social & mobile recruiting, job-boards)

process automation

flexibility in accessing the solution

ensuring data security using SaaS architectures

We run large-scale candidate databases. The solution has been tested in challenging contexts, such as over 500 users, 40 different geographic locations, and 1,000,000 resumes in the database, all simultaneously for the same client. Combining software design, interface design knowledge and software architectures we get an intuitive and user-friendly HR software.

Our Team

In Romania, we rely on a strong and senior team alongside the Sincron HR Software solution. The team has accumulated over time a vast know-how, both in terms of the technologies used and the knowledge and understanding of HR processes. Interactions with customers and business partners have also contributed to team development.

The key roles are consistently occupied by people who have evolved with the product and know it in depth, ensuring continuity of innovation. Understanding the business makes it possible to capitalize on the experience gained in the various projects.

The team has retained its flexibility and openness to novelties and challenging projects, while becoming more mature, competent and experienced.

New Beginnings

In 2017, the team expanded internationally with our Canadian partners, adding up a valuable understanding of the North American HR market, its tools and clients’ perspectives.

Mihai Stanca

Combining computer science and history, Mihai has over 10 years of experience as a consultant on HR and business and product development processes in the IT industry.

With a special focus on understanding people's work, Mihai has been part of HR Sincron Romania since the start of the company. He has contributed significantly to the development of the Sincron solution in the all-in-one HR software it became today.

History helps him to understand things from different perspectives and to clarify his own values in life. The passion for technology, people and history makes Mihai a visionary at the product level, anchored however in the Romanian economic realities.

Alexandru Florea

An experienced business analyst, Alex is the link between customer needs and the Sincron technical team.

He describes the two main things that distinguish him as creativity, along with the ability to understand and do more types of activities from different spheres. The passions for music production, DJ activity, history and geography prove it to its full potential.

The mix of social and technical skills also helps at work, Alex being in many cases the man-orchestra who coordinates the various activities related to the implementation and use of the technical solution by the client, such as: business and customer needs analysis, software testing coordination or maintaining customer contact throughout development, deployment, maintenance or technical support stages.

Expertise gained by working in the HR market and technical know-how also helps to handle the design of HR processes and workflows within the company.

John Thornburn

John Thornburn, MA is an International business development consultant. John is a certified facilitator and clients include Executives in social, health, and technology companies throughout North America. He holds a Masters’ degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University in change management. His consulting practices have focused on developing organizational systems, guiding community engagement strategies, and strengthening leadership best practices worldwide and within the affiliation of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities (CARF) International network.
John is the Co-Founder of Sincron HR Technologies Inc., Connekt Resources Inc., and Thornburn Consulting Inc. A serial entrepreneur, John is the President and Founder of Collaborate Delta, a community not-for-profit membership-based governance network, and Founding Director of the Founder Institute: Vancouver Chapter, a global start-up technology accelerator program.

Rick Pasin

Rick Pasin, a former HR instructor, spent twelve years as a director of operations and academics overseeing the training of thousands of post-secondary students in multiple disciplines across the province of British Columbia. As chair of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce he created a leadership and mentorship program for youth, wrote policy, advocated for the business community and worked with senior members of industry and government on major initiatives. A certified Net Promoter Score (NPS) consultant Rick works with multinational organizations to drive performance and deliver high levels of customer service.
Rick is the Co-Founder of Sincron HR Technologies Inc.,, and the Founder Institute: Vancouver Chapter - a global start-up technology accelerator program.

Corina Burcea

With over ten years of experience in HR in IT companies, Corina has been dealing with processes in the Talent Management area throughout this entire period. From creating, implementing or managing recruitment, onboarding, performance management or training processes to motivational programs that support employee engagement and retention or issues related to change management in teams, Corina has intersected with everything.
As a human resources person, Corina is professionally inspired by her personal life, considering that harmony is based on considering all parties' needs in an endeavour. Regardless of the situation, she tries to understand others' opinions to find win-win solutions.
Travelling is a hobby that brings her satisfaction, is fulfilling and enriching with every experience. Each new place energizes her, whether it is Greece, a village in a forgotten by the world area, the Bucegi Mountains, or India. Travel also comes with a passion for photography.
Corina brings all this HR experience and her human warmth in the relationships with customers, either on the implementation services side or during the post-implementation services - through key account management and customer service.


GDPR Context

We'll be back shortly with a comprehensive update on the new features of Sincron HR Software platform, that allow our clients to be GDPR compliant while managing the personal data of their candidates and employees.

If you need this information ASAP, please contact us directly here

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