HR Analytics

Start using through the Sincron HR Software solution the most modern business intelligence (BI) tool currently existing. Bring life to the data you have on the entire human resources activity!


HR data analysis in a modern and fresh approach

The Sincron solution was designed from the beginning as an application collecting and storing data. For more than 10 years, we are offering clients the possibility to access their data in order to monitor and report them, as a leverage for a better understanding of their business.

The beginnings consisted in the possibility to extract data and to draft standard or customized reports, that the clients can use in analyzing the human resources activity, and in making business decisions. In time, we have diversified HR reports, keeping up with extending the human resources platform.

The HR Analytics functionality is available as complementary to any HR processes management module, and does not need to be purchased separately.

As a part of the constant upgrading of the Sincron solution, we are now integrating in the HR platform, in the HR Analytics area, the most modern business intelligence tool available on the market – Power BI, from Microsoft.


How do you capitalize on the “goldmine” in your HR data?

Via the HR Analytics tool from Sincron HR Software you access all data stored in the human resources application and you can flexibly process them, from various perspectives, in order to make quick and advised decisions.

The Sincron HR Software platform operates in the cloud. Therefore, your data is stored in the cloud and they can be accessed from any device that is connected to the Internet. The HR Analytics tool helps you view and analyze data quickly and efficiently, thus capitalizing them.

An image is worth 1,000 words.

Explore, analyze and transform HR data into attractive images and charts, which speak for themselves, with the HR Analytics function. Since nowadays nobody works on his own, share the result with the colleagues, on any device.

Use various manners of interacting with human resources data.

Analyze point-by-point, in depth, various KPIs or monitor HR data at an extended level, creating customized and dynamic dashboards along with interactive reports which facilitate team cooperation.


What do you do in fact with the support of HR Analytics?

  • Benefit from a friendly information analysis tool, intuitive, designed for non-technical users, allowing you to easily process human resources data and to turn them into impressive reports, without the help of consultants

  • Easily share reports and analyses which can be then quickly forwarded

  • Link HR data from multiple sources, that you can then analyze in a dynamic way, model and view in customizable reports

  • Stay anchored in reality, discovering valuable insights and noticing trends in due time, as they appear

  • Use full dashboards in real time

  • Monitor data in real time, from almost any device (laptop, tablet, mobile) and in all major operating systems, without any need for adaptation

  • Go into in-depth exploration and analysis of HR data and you can do that in new ways, using the drag & drop function, which allows for a high level of detailed analysis

  • Turn data arising from human resources processes into rich visuals which can be collected and organized

  • With the HR Analytics function, you manage quickly the manner in which data is stored and accessed, being able to grant various levels of access, change the security settings, and manage the data as provided by the law


Power BI – the business intelligence tool by Microsoft

Power BI by Microsoft is the business intelligence tool helping you to get from data to valuable insights in just a few minutes, notwithstanding the type of data, the location thereof or the type of analysis required.

Industry testimonies on Power BI:

  • Gartner, internationally-known consulting and research company in technology, in its annual report “Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms” of February 2019, presents Power BI as the undisputed leader on the business analysis tool market

  • PC Mag places Power BI on the 1st place, for the second consecutive year, in the category of “Editors’ Choice” of reviews on self-service business intelligence tools

Among the clients using Power BI there are Heathrow Airport, Hewlett Packard, Henkel, Renault Sport Formula One Team, Metro Bank, Associated Press, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Conde Nast, Adobe, KraftHeinz.

HR Analytics  - analiza datelor din aplicatia de resurse umane

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HR Manager

Until now, it was difficult to have access to the defining elements of the organization in a structured way. Also, in the context of staff turnover in the HR department, the way of organising the information provided by the Sincron platform facilitates the transfer of information from one HR specialist to another, without losing essential aspects to the company. The solution centralises all HR-important information, being an anchor of stability in the midst of various staff changes.

Beneficu Angajat - Analiza HR image


Beneficu Angajat - Analiza HR image



The fact that I have some already-defined and well-trained HR tools - such as the Performance Assessment Form - helps me considerably in my work as a manager. The HR tools and information about my direct subordinates are centralised and easy to access, so I can solve my management tasks more quickly.

Beneficu Manager HR - Analiza HR image

HR Manager

Beneficu Manager HR - Analiza HR image

HR Manager


By means of the Employee Portal I have rapid access to the organizational chart and to all the interest information about the company. I consider it as a sign of transparency and free communication within the organization.