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Do you think is important that the development of your business no longer depends exclusively on the presence of people at the office? Well, as a cloud based platform, Sincron HR Software allows human resources data to be accessed at any time by any authorized person via an Internet connection.

Be prepared for any new WFH or remote work challenges!


What is a cloud based HR software?

Let us start with the cloud. Simply put, according to Microsoft's definition, cloud computing is the provision of computing services via the Internet (in the "cloud"). While in the past, people ran applications or software downloaded to a physical computer or server in their building, cloud computing now allows them to access the same types of applications over the Internet (so hosted in the "cloud").

Business use of cloud computing solutions offers several major advantages, regardless of industry or type of business: faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. Usually, it only pays for the cloud services used, helping to reduce operating costs, more efficient infrastructure management and use directly proportional to the real needs of the business.

Cloud technology allows you to replace applications or programs downloaded and stored on your computer or company server (on-premise) with internet applications - accessible in the cloud. The use of cloud-based HR software increases the efficiency of the human resources department and considerably reduces the risk of human errors in the processing of HRM data.

What are, more specifically, the benefits of using cloud based human resources software?


The main advantages of online / cloud-based HR software:

Regardless of the business area to which it is addressed, a cloud-based software has certain characteristics. In the following, we present in more detail those that have an increased relevance for the human resources department, as the champion of introducing an online HR software at the level of the entire organization.

24/7 access to employee data and increased mobility at the company level

Cloud based HR software is addressed to professionals in the HR department, through modules dedicated to various human resources processes, but also to the rest of the organization - employees and managers - through various automations that make possible self-service and automatic communication between various actors of the HR stage.

Having permanent access to data, even remotely, only through an Internet connection, increases the speed with which tasks can be performed and mobility throughout the company. Employees can work remotely, keeping in constant contact with the team.

Security of HR data stored in the cloud, fast recovery and prevention of their loss

It is normal for the security of your own data to be an important concern of every business. Even more so for HR, which operates every day with sensitive data such as personal data for employees and candidates, along with salaries and other benefits.

Cloud providers offer a broad set of policies, technologies, and control systems that typically strengthen your security position in general, helping to protect your data, applications, and infrastructure from potential threats.

Finally, the cloud makes data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity easier and less expensive, as data can be saved to multiple locations on the cloud provider's network.

In addition, locally saved data can be easily lost. Any hardware can break down, any laptop can be stolen or lost - in the end we are all human. Avoid the risks and hassles caused by losing important information saved only locally, on various devices.

Information control with online HR software: centralization, traceability and document control

Duplicated, outdated or disparate data can lead to erroneous conclusions and unhappy business decisions. Cloud HR software centralizes all available HR data, making it possible to automatically update it and access everyone to the same information.

Lower costs - Online HR software eliminates several costs

The investment in locally installed HR software, on-premises, comes with other additional costs related to the available IT infrastructure. An organization's focus on cloud computing generally eliminates capital costs for purchasing hardware and software and maintaining its own data centers.

This eliminates the need for servers, electricity or the necessary IT experts. In addition, a strategic advantage is gained through permanent access to company data, which allows to increase the speed of decision and reaction.

Automatic cloud updates for your HR software

For those who have a lot to do at work, the interruptions caused by software updates are very annoying. Cloud based solutions or human resources SaaS applications are updated centrally by the provider, whenever needed, without depending on the intervention of its own IT department. This saves time and keeps the activity running.

A more sustainable business: fewer papers and increased efficiency

The existence of data in digital format and the use of cloud-based HR software solutions or SaaS applications, together with all the automation that this context allows, helps organizations to become more sustainable. On the one hand, through increased efficiency - eliminating intermediate steps or downtime, on the other hand, through the transition to a paperless business world.

Choosing an online HR software solution that is designed and built from the ground up to allow integration with other applications is an opportunity for people in the human resources department to use online tools to help them work.

It is important to note that the human resources software platform Sincron HR Software constantly pays special attention to aligning with the requirements of GDPR and complying with other legal provisions in force.


Commercial access to cloud-based HR software solutions: SaaS or licensed?

In terms of technology, the entire Sincron HR Software solution "lives" and is delivered in the cloud.
On the other hand, from a commercial point of view, it can be accessed and used in two ways, both functional in the cloud:

• As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which involves renting the solution by the customer

• Licensed, which means the customer buys the solution

The Sincron HR Software platform covers in depth multiple HR processes and allows a wide range of settings to meet diverse HR needs.
As such, regardless of the commercial method chosen for use, it is recommended to have the solution pre-configured by the Sincron team, through a stage of needs analysis and implementation. Thus, each customer will benefit most from the potential of the software, depending on the needs of their own organization.

We have detailed all these advantages in the following Sincron HR blog: Top benefits of using a cloud-based HR software to increase your business .

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