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Pick an HRM Software Providing Specialized HR Software Services

Picking an HR software that answers all your company’s needs is an essential but not sufficient step.

To enjoy all the benefits presented during the sale, to ensure easy implementation and successfully adopt the company’s solution, you also need specialized software services for the HRM platform you intend to work with.

Thus, you need a set of services that should ensure clarity, transparent information, and all types of support in using the HR software at every step of the interaction with the HR software supplier. These can be useful for the following:

  • During the market research stage – consulting and offer based on the preliminary analysis of the company needs
  • Upon HRM software implementation – Go-Live support and roll-out support in the organization
  • Post-implementation – training, technical support, maintenance and sustained assistance for challenges of any other nature

The services related to the selected HR software make the difference between the success or failure in using it. Find out more about the technical assistance and consulting services related to the Sincron HR Software.

Pre-Sales Consulting – HR Software and Related Software Services

The first step in choosing an HR software and the related technical assistance and consulting software services needed by an organization is to understand the client’s digitization needs and the starting point:

  • How the client is carrying out its activity at the moment,
  • What are the workflows and processes,
  • Where are the current bottlenecks,
  • What is the expectation for the future?

We need to consider that some automation shall impact the current workflows. You might have to re-think and update these workflows before starting the human resources platform’s implementation.

The consulting services provided by the Sincron team in this stage of pre-sale discussions are highly beneficial for both sides.
The pre-analysis of the business needs made by our consultants contributes to the following:

  • Understanding the related flows (document, approval flows)
  • Understanding the internal standards, rules, and procedures to be observed, existing restrictions
  • Discovering the HR processes gaps
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Estimating the necessary resources in the implementation stage

With these details already clarified, the client will receive a realistic price offer. Moreover, the human resources platform purchase process and HR software services and technical assistance will be transparent. Transparency regards both the price quote and the project deliverables, meaning who will contribute what and how throughout the implementation.

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HRM Software Implementation – Technical Assistance, Software Services

You have done your homework concerning the HR processes that you want to automate with the online HRM software, but until you see them implemented and operating just as you intended, there is one more step.

The main aspects of the implementation services that we will be handling are the following:

  1. Detailed needs analysis – a business analyst will dedicate his/her time to understand your organization, the people and the technical needs as fundamental aspects of a successful project.
  2. Access to a dedicated implementation consultant, who will also act as a project manager.
  3. Import of data in the HR application.
  4. Setting the suitable configuration for your organization, according to the previously identified needs based on the business analysis.
  5. Support after the Go-Live phase, in the organization roll-out phase.

Throughout the implementation, our consultant is by your side for any details, clarifications, explanations and validations, so that your team can manage this project as effortlessly as possible and the transition to the new system is smooth.

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Training Services for the Human Resources Software Users

You have an HR software to implement, and you would like to see the benefits of your investment as soon as possible.

Sincron HR Software is a platform answering all company employees’ human resources needs – HR experts, managers, and employees.

Among them, notwithstanding the modules you have chosen, the HR department members shall become “heavy users.” As such, they need detailed information about the HR software for all managed processes and as many potential cases as possible.

Consequently, for the HR department users, using the solution more intensely and in greater detail, we offer training programs as HR software-related services. We hold such training:

  • As part of the implementation process, before the Go-Live phase
  • In the post-implementation phase, to initiate new team members, become more acquainted with the HRM software, or discover new functions.

Therefore, we offer support for the gradual assimilation of all human resources software features and the novelties regularly implemented on the Sincron HR Software platform.

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Technical Support for the HR Sincron Software

Our experience indicates that there is a learning curve after the Go-Live using the application and enforcing it at the entire organization’s level. This period is crucial for the long-term success of the project. Two of the initial challenges are becoming more familiar with the application’s detailed aspects and identifying bugs.

We solve these aspects mainly through our technical support service for the HR software. You will have access to an online ticketing system, where you can report problems. Also, you will have an assigned consultant that you can contact live.

You will contact a Sincron consultant, who will offer consulting and assistance services throughout the collaboration for any other needs. We’ll do our part so that the relationship evolves positively.

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Maintenance Services

An HR software is a dynamic product, in constant evolution. The regular changes include aspects targeting the user’s experience, developing new functions, eliminating bugs or implementing legislative updates.

The clients are offered maintenance services in the post-implementation phase, granting permanent access to the most recent HR software version. You need not worry; they are part of the monthly fee paid for using the software. Hence, you can be sure that you are using a fully-functional version of the HR application, updated from a legislative perspective.

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Client Assistance and Key Account Management

The pleasure and success in using HR software within an organization depend on several aspects. Part of them may be defined from the beginning of the collaboration between the client and the provider. Or you can classify them in ways more comfortable to explain, such as technical support or maintenance.

Sincron HR Software team considers that we initiate a long term relationship with the client once we sign the agreement and proceed to the HR software implementation. Once it goes live, we move into another phase of collaboration in the post-implementation period. This phase focuses on the organization’s challenges while adopting the solution, the company culture, the HR team dynamics and many others.

Therefore, we stand by our clients via key-account management and general assistance services. By client service, we seek to help our clients increase the solution usage level and gain as much value from the use thereof.
Because in the long run, we are interested in the client’s general satisfaction and the actual contribution to business progress by using the Sincron HR Software platform.

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Consulting Services for HR Software Purchases via 2020 Investment Grants for SMEs

The business environment is changing quickly and dynamically. Perhaps your organization has already gone 100% remote, maybe you use telework just partially, or maybe the employees have to come to work.

Whatever your situation is, it is desirable that you benefit from software resources that connect all of you.

Ideally, this software should be accessible online wherever any team member might be, increase operational speed for the various tasks performed within the HR processes, reduce human error occurrence, or increase the company’s operational transparency.

Now you can purchase HR software via 2020 Investment grants for SMEs.

Maybe you feel that it is finally time to make this step towards modernization. Or, you have already implemented some systems. Still, they are outdated or operate just locally. They are not accessible to everybody in the cloud or are not interconnected (legacy systems). The HR Sincron team will help you with the software product and the related services.

Furthermore, to gain access to EU grants, we refer you to our consulting partners, who are well acquainted with the human resources industry.
Together, we can help you purchase the HR software you need in a world undergoing constant changes!

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