HR Software Post-Implementation Services: Client Service, Key Account Management


What do we understand by client service, key account management and general user assistance?

Our clients’ satisfaction using the solution in the long-term becomes our success.

Based on the above metric, we want to be by your side after Go-Live, in the post-implementation period, and to guide you from tactical and operational points of view, maximizing your efficiency in using the application.

In addition to the two types of somewhat technical services, i.e. platform maintenance and technical support, we believe that various other challenges may occur in the post-implementation period. Clients will need different kinds of communication.

A key-account manager can facilitate this communication by liaising in general with every client. The KAM’s purpose is to build a long-term relationship through client service and assistance in using the solution, notwithstanding the nature of requests (operational, management, commercial, product-related).

A Sincron consultant will continuously be available for you to assist with the following:

  • Improve the level of use so that your entire team quickly adopts the application
  • Use the expertise of the Sincron team to get more added-value from application use, discover new ways in which it can help you and improve its operation based on already gained experience
  • Reconfigure or extend the solution in line with the new requirements of a dynamic business

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