Purchase an HR Software via SME Investment Grants 2020

You know you will be in great need of HR software, including payroll or personnel management software, perhaps even an online time-tracking app or even recruitment and performance management modules.

If there is no hope for an internal budget, you can access EU grants via SME Investment Grants 2020.


Access to EU grants for the digitization and automation of the HR department

We want to support SMEs in understanding the significance of digitization in business processes.

Therefore, starting this autumn, we offer consulting services to gain access to EU grants, focusing on updating the Human Resources department’s activity.

Our product experts from Sincron HR Software, together with our partner company, with 20-year experience in accessing European funds, are offering consulting services to access grants for digitizing and automating the Human Resources processes by purchasing human resources software.

Sincron HR Software will provide you with information on the full HR software platform, what the implementation project and the use thereof in your organization entail, according to your business needs. We can help you with any technical information necessary to complete your files!

Our partners handle the full drafting services, implementation, expense settlement and monitoring of grant projects offered by the European Union and the Romanian Government.


The program that we are offering support for is SME Investment Grants 2020

Grant value: EUR 50,000 – EUR 200,000


  • minimum 45% Bucharest – Ilfov
  • minimum 35% the rest of the country

Implementation: 12 months

Eligible beneficiaries, SMEs operating in the following fields:

  • the food industry, bread manufacture, bakery, including processing, preparation, distribution and packing
  • auto industry and auto-specific services, including repairs, car washes and the like
  • energy and equipment/technologies/tools designed for energy efficiency
  • constructions, construction materials, specific means of transport, tools, construction technologies
  • transport services, including international transport
  • body care and fitness services
  • repairs and maintenance services
  • tourism, inns, hotels, restaurants and entertainment services, including specific entertainment infrastructure
  • metal works/ woodworks/furniture
  • clothing/leather products
  • pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment industry, including medical devices for emergency intervention
  • creative industries, including culture and creative services
  • education: nurseries, kindergartens, schools
  • healthcare: medical practices, medical equipment, medical devices and the like
  • trade

Cumulative eligibility requirements and commitments:

  • the company had an operational activity for at least one year before submitting the grant request
  • the company had an operating profit on December 31st, 2019
  • the company ensures the performance of its operations for at least three years after the expiry of the project implementation term
  • the company gains at least 50% of the planned revenues under the business plan attached to the grant request in the first two years of durability, and the rest until the end of the durability period, i.e. the third year
  • the company commits to print proof on cost reasonability for the investments concerning which state aid is sought
  • the SME should not be in distress

Eligible costs, among which those meant for HR processes automation and digitization:

  • expenses for performing/purchasing constructions, purchase of equipment, including IT&C, software technologies, tools, installations, technologies, independent fittings, office furniture and specific furniture, land purchase up to a limit of 10% of the project eligible value, consulting and design expenses, project management, technical assistance, site management, land systemization and development expenses, environmental expenses, expenses incurred for connection to supply networks, accessibility expenses, advertising expenses, participation in fairs, events, conferences, study expenses, expenses incurred for intellectual property rights, intangible assets related to invention licenses, product trademarks, the software required to carry out the company activity, as well as any other expenses related to the investment project subject of the financing agreement
  • expenses incurred to create warehouses for medical equipment, medicine, medical material for emergency intervention

Contact us for an HR software demo and for any details related to price, HR software implementation and use, and at the same time, we will refer you to our partners regarding accessing grants!

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