HR Software Implementation and Configuration Services

You surely thought to use HR software to ease your HR people’s work, but you are afraid that its implementation with all the necessary configurations would be difficult? The Sincron HR Software team will help you with everything you need so that your teams’ experience with this HRM software should be positive and beneficial.


What do the HRM software configuration and implementation consist of?

We know that HR people have other things to do besides implementing HR software. Considering this, we are working hand in hand with the client’s project team throughout the implementation, and we make sure to have the client’s input for all critical aspects. We take care of the rest.

To be exact:

  1. We carry out the business analysis as a project starting point, together with your team
  2. We provide you with a dedicated consultant, who will act as project manager on our side
  3. We configure the platform, using multiple existing settings, according to the needs identified in the business analysis
  4. We take care of the employee data import into the new software
  5. We ensure the training for the entire HR team
  6. We assist in the Go-Live phase and the project roll-out in the organization

What is the business analysis, and what is its role?

In the pre-sale phase, our consultants discussed with you. They made a preliminary analysis of your business needs to provide a commercial bid that is as realistic as possible. Now, we go into further detail with full business analysis.

In this “discovery” phase, you will talk to one of our experienced business analysts, who clearly understands the business needs and “translates” them into technical language. He plays a significant part in understanding the subtle aspects of how the HR software operates in the company, anticipating how the specific elements will impact the software configuration and implementation.

Together with your team, our colleague shall go through the HR software configuration and implementation in-depth aspects. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions, put forward dilemmas and ask for details.

The business analysis focuses on the company’s HR flows and processes and how they are interlinked. So, we identify the potential to optimize these processes, remove bottlenecks, redundant aspects, risks, and handle uncovered areas. Moreover, we guide the organization on maintaining compliance with the continually changing rules and regulations.

We also consider the current HR practices, the documentation, policies and procedures particular to the organization’s human resources system. Our goal is to identify all operational expectations correctly.

Based on the business analysis:

  • We make recommendations for configuring and optimizing workflows
  • According to the client’s HR parameters, we discuss the adaptation and implementation of the HR solution to answer as effectively as possible to the specific needs – according to various aspects, including corporation size and industry particularities.
  • We complete the HR process design.

We finalize the business analysis with an implementation sheet.
Once this document is validated and agreed upon by both parties, the Sincron HR application‘s actual implementation starts.

Configuring the HR software, one of the implementation steps

Every organization is unique in its way. Therefore, an essential aspect of any successful implementation is understanding the HR activity’s particularities in said organization. We expect every company to have specific HR solution customization and adaptation requirements according to its flows and processes.

To simplify things, in time, we have integrated numerous configuration options in the human resources software. They allow us to adapt the HR solution to a large variety of situations without new software development, which would involve additional resources on both sides.

Using the implementation and configuration services for the HR software offered by the Sincron HR Software team, you will be able to:

  • Build a configuration integrating the best practices in the field of human resources in your industry
  • Accelerate the development of the HR system to capitalize the investments in HR software quickly
  • Attract department managers in the employee development program and actively involve them in this process


Benefits of HR software implementation services

One of our clients explains: After the talks held in the business analysis phase with the Sincron HR team, we realized that there are directions in which we can optimize the internal processes.

In the HRM software implementation phase, we performed a configuration of the human resources platform, optimally sustaining the organization’s development efforts.

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