HR Software Maintenance Services


Why do we recommend HR software maintenance services?

oftware is a dynamic product, with its own life and evolution.
After Go-Live, whether used in the SaaS version (software-as-a-service) or as an on-premise license, the software you have access to today will continue to change and evolve to improve the users’ experience.

Thus, in the post-implementation phase, the monthly fee paid to use the application also covers HR software maintenance services, allowing access to the newest version of the solution.

The maintenance of HR software mainly covers the costs for maintenance and sustained development of the software platform. A few of the actual benefits of the client, under the maintenance subscription, are listed below:

  • Access to new, updated versions of the software
  • Functional and user experience upgrades, fixing bugs
  • Including legislative updates
  • Improvement of the application for the new technological platforms
  • The premise of optimal system operation, hence good user experience and increased return on investment
  • Possibility to extend or reconfigure the HR software solution in line with new business needs and the company’s particular dynamics

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