Pre-Sales Consulting in Choosing the Cloud-Based HRM Software


How do pre-sales consulting help?

Our approach entails: understanding what your project implies, where we start from, the target of your organization, the resources, and the context.

Sincron HR Software solution is a full HR platform with modules serving almost all HR processes. Additionally, it offers a multitude of settings and configuration options. Consequently, we prefer to offer custom price quotes that are sufficiently relevant for you as a potential client and for us as a provider.

To make a customized offer, we ask for the necessary information about your organization and your goals. To this effect, a Sincron consultant will talk to you and ask you various key-questions to make a preliminary analysis of your organization’s needs. This discussion is free of charge, and it entails no subsequent obligation to purchase the Sincron HR Software.

If we have this essential information related to the project in the pre-sale phase, based on the preliminary analysis, the sale process transparency increases:

  • You get a realistic price quote and an accurate estimate of the implementation timeframe
  • We can anticipate the resources needed on our side, according to the project complexity
  • We reduce the risk of bottlenecks and project delays on both sides


What are the benefits of pre-sale consulting and the preliminary analysis of the HR Manager's business needs?

By carrying out a preliminary analysis of the client’s needs, pre-sales consulting increases the bidding process’s transparency and aligns the client’s expectations to the provider’s expectations regarding costs, timeframe, assigned resources and targeted results.

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