All-in-One HR Software
for the Digital Era


Radically transform the role of HR in your organization’s life.

Use an instrument which paves the way for the HR processes’ digitisation: you have more data about the people of your organization and the entire assembly of the department’s activities. Most of the HR activities can be automated, saving time and reducing the costs. The immediate access to updated and comprehensive data is a “must have” in the management of every company wanting to remain relevant on the market.


But that’s not all.


The HR remains the leader in managing this platform. But its use involves the entire organization. All the employees have access to self-service functionalities in most of the HR areas, and the managers also benefit from the automation while performing processes having an HR component.

At a strategic level, the use of Sincron HR Software as a complete HR solution may do good to the entire organization: it brings the HR really closer in employees’ everyday life and provides by automating the necessary breather to concentrate more on people and on key factors influencing their job-related enthusiasm.

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Sincron Solutions for different HR processes

Solutie HR completa pentru managementul organizatiei

Organization Management

Do you have a million things to do in your HR department? Make sure you start by building a solid foundation of work, so that you have all the necessary elements at hand.

We give you the framework for defining your organization structure and roles, through titles and job descriptions. Compile for each role the skills’ matrix, manage the staff situation by staffing patterns or define and use the organizational chart in the smallest detail.

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When the challenge of filling vacant positions is at its highest, the recruitment remains a vital function in the talent management strategy of the organization.

We provide support throughout the process by managing recruitment resources, fast communication, job-board and social media posts, database filtering by multiple criteria, and evaluating candidates. Positive candidate experiences create a competitive advantage for the employer and strengthen employer branding.

The solution complies with the GDPR requirements for the collection of personal data of candidates.

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Software HR, aplicatie recrutare personal
Onboarding angajati - solutie HR completa


Even if onboarding is often short as a period, the experience of the new employee during this process has a major impact on business. Studies show that efficient onboarding programs increase the productivity and retention rate of newcomers.

Improve these first experiences within the organization, creating onboarding sheets with predefined activities or preparing individual plans for each new employee. Minimise administrative complications and automatically involve all relevant team members in the process. Provide transparency and clarity, gain confidence and enthusiasm.

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Employee Management

If you have headaches with employees’ data management because of the different systems you are saving them on now, you will be thrilled to find them all whenever you need, under the same umbrella - in each employee's electronic file. You get as a bonus a library with all up-to-date documents. Control all information on the employee's route within the company, “from hire to retire”.

Do you need an urgent update of employment contracts for all employees? You can make it - ASAP and automatically. Do you provide the staffing for a group of companies, and people are divided between different enterprises? Make your life easier and reduce the complexity of your work with Sincron for personnel management.

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Administrare personal, platforma HR
Platforma HR pentru pontaj

Time and Attendance

Get complete reports for employees and collaborators in a shorter time, no matter how varied your business times are. Set up your work shifts, separately highlight your different hours (time-work, overtime, night, weekend, etc.), set internal approval flows, import work time from access card readers, or create personalised rules based on company policies, to transform normal timekeeping into the right payroll.

We are talking about a cloud solution, so you have access to this data anywhere, anytime you need.

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Payroll is inevitable for a business. Unfortunately, without automation, it takes up a lot of time.

Fortunately, in Sincron HR Software you can easily get all the information for your salary calculation. Import timesheets, make simulations, set premiums, bonuses, indemnities, meal vouchers, other benefits, and automatically calculate them, based on the rules you define, automatically generate the payroll or the 112 Form. Faster? Sure. Do you also need reports? You’re welcome - please decide how you want them.

For over 10 years, our mission is to develop remarkable software solutions, combining modern technology with HR consulting experience. We allow other specialists to process salaries.

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Software HR - calcul salarial
Software HR - managementul performantei

Performance and Goals

Engagement? Motivation? Go the extra mile? Don’t let them be simple buzzwords in specialized articles.

If the HR is about people, show them you care about them. With a modern performance management system, you put them in the spotlight, give them a clear direction, help them progress and have their own voice related to development in the organization - all related to business goals. Align the entire organization in the same direction, run the process quickly, and operate with different types of evaluation and feedback for a complete picture.

It's a hot topic, so use the centralized dashboard to check the process status on teams or company level at any time.

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Training Management

Do you work in a dynamic company that aims to enhance the potential of the employees? Then the subject of learning & development is topical.

In addition to training libraries and the enthusiasm of employees in their use, you also need a tool to keep your situation and budget under control - who, what, where, when, and how, with what goals and costs. The range of managed activities covers from integration and onboarding programs to highly specialized training, some of which being legally binding and critical if they are missing or expired.

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Software HR - training management
solutie HR, aplicatie intranet angajati

Internal Communication

Fluent communication is the best binder at any level of collaboration required in the organization.
Improve it using Employee Portal - the Sincron internal communication portal.
Initiate from here formal communication flows on various processes - launching a holiday or recruiting application is a click away.

Boost the collaboration through non-formal communication, encouraging people to know each other and talk across locations, teams, or departments, using the same Employee Portal as the internal social network.

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Employee Self - Service

The self-service facilities for employees can save you a lot of time and nerves. The employees have direct and immediate access to documents and information concerning them (employment contracts, holidays, and training sessions) - avoiding frustration; HR people can focus on other, less administrative, issues.

Self-service for employees is present in all Sincron platform modules, expanding the impact and use of the HR department solution across the organization. The common access point of the employees to these functionalities is the Employee Portal.

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software rapoarte HR

HR Analytics

The extraordinary effect of digitisation in HR is ultimately the access to centralised data about everything that happens in your department.

Use your instinct to anticipate if a colleague would like a surprise party, but rely on figures and reports when you're preparing to hold a presentation for the top management team. Exploit the wealth of precise information you can get by generating reports from just a few clicks and by analysing the data.

You will thus be able to strengthen the position of HR as a reliable Business Partner in the organization.

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Technical Aspects

We discuss about technology and the implementation of a software solution that may require customisations or integrations with other existing systems. Each company has its own procedures and security standards related to the software used. The validation team of a pre-acquisition HR platform can include representatives of several departments - HR, procurement, IT, etc.

Here you can find all the relevant details to a HR person related to these technical aspects.

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Beneficu Manager Software HR


HR Manager

The solution manages the employee's entire evolving cycle, “from hire to retire”, being the unique information centre for the data of all candidates and employees in the company, from the individual ones to those related to legislative requirements.

Sincron HR Software makes clearer and faster the alignment with the HR related GDPR rules facilitates staff management for groups of enterprises, and provides rapid, real-time reporting across all HR processes.

Beneficu Angajat Software HR


Beneficu Angajat Software HR



At the team, department, or company level, it helps me have real-time business insights and full information about the people I coordinate.

The use of the Sincron solution by the entire organization contributes to the clarity of organizational structure and of reporting flows, to increased recruitment and communication speed between the teams. I feel that performance assessments are more coherent and finishing faster and my team is losing less time interacting with the HR management aspects.

Beneficu HR Manager Software HR

HR Manager

Beneficu HR Manager Software HR

HR Manager


By using Sincron, collaborating and communicating with colleagues becomes easier - for example, with those who are physically in other locations or with those I initially do not know well enough, I save time using the self-service in HR for employees, I had an Onboarding period that helped me to get started on the right foot with the company, I appreciate the transparency of the performance assessments and I like to keep informed on all the projects of the organization.

Beneficu Manager Software HR