Performance Assessment Process Automation: The Solution That Helps Increasing Success in IT Distribution

23 January 2019

Implementing the Sincron HR Software Solution at Network One Distribution – Case Study

“HR leaders are in the unique position of being able to lead the business conversation on how the world of work is taking shape in the 21st century. But you cannot occupy that space with other business leaders without a deep comprehension of the technology involved.”

Source: Susan Ferrier, Global Head of People for KPMG, in KPMG study “The future of HR 2019: In the Know or in the No.”

Discover the positive results that can be achieved at the company level by implementing an employee performance management software while mixing:

Client involvement in defining the business objectives, identifying the problems and formulating a clear brief for the HR software provider
A bit of passion for technology on the side of the client HR leader
A vendor interested in communicating with the customer and accepting the identified technical challenges


Read in detail about:

1. NOD’s need to streamline performance management, improving:
An arduous, time-consuming evaluation process
The impossibility of timely notification of trends in the people’s professional development
The difficulty of centralizing feedback for strategic positions

2. HR Sincron’s solution through the deployment of Organization Management, Performance and Goals Management and Employee Portal software solutions

3. Results of the collaboration

Reduce now the time needed for performance evaluations and significantly improve the timing for reporting centralized results at the organization level!

Additional benefits: Expect an increase in employee satisfaction with the assessment process due to transparency and employees’ access to results.